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dj Grazzhoppa’s dj Bigband vs. Aka Moon

DJ Grazzhoppa’s DJ Bigband is made up of 12 DJs. It is the first bigband to raise the art of hiphop/scratch, or turntablism, to this level of cohesion together with Aka Moon as guests musicians. How do you bring together 12 DJs, fans of the mixer, to play as a band? The DJs take their place in different sections, and alternate from wind to percussion to strings to voice. Each DJ searches for samples appropriate to his section. Fabrizio Cassol is responsible for the musical structure, he watches out to make sure that the avalanche of samples and scratches become uniform and come together in a harmonious piece. This is a real orchestra of chamber music with the electronic hit as a bonus! Between sessions of dynamic scratch and the intimate soberness of the tracks sung by Monique Harcum, we find a diverse universe between hiphop, triphop and underground jazz. This is a must for all amateurs of sound that is both accessible and energetic, to play it non-stop!

live on stage :
Fabrizio Cassol
Michel Hatzigeoriou
Stéphane Galland
DJ Grazzhoppa
DJ Boulaone
DJ Courtasock
DJ Iron
DJ J to the C
DJ Lamont
DJ Mixmonster Menno
DJ Optimus
DJ Smimooz
DJ Vindictiv
DJ Yzerbeat
DJ Cee Brown
Monique Harcum

boulaone benbellajazz

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